Monday, October 12, 2020

THE BIRD (Compacts)****


By Cal


Available until: Unknown

Some plays take a while to get into and that’s okay because it’s worth a bit of time and effort. But when it comes to a short play, you really need to grab your audience from the start because the play will be over before you know it. You can’t take thirteen minutes to get into a play when it’s only thirteen minutes long.

The Bird, written by Rick Allden, grabbed me instantly. I think it’s because Adam, played by Keiron Self, is so uncomfortable and awkward. This immediately alerts you to the fact that something is going on. It’s not clear what at first, but there’s something likeable about the man that makes you want to listen. The feeling he needs to talk.

A lot of people say there’s a fine line between comedy and tragedy and I think this play illustrates that so well. Adam is where he is because of a sad reason. He’s lost someone he loves. But he’s discovered something very unexpected which is creating moments of comedy.

The comedy doesn’t ruin the tragedy. It enhances it. Every time you come out of a moment of comedy, the tragedy hits you all over again. It’s such a simple idea, but it’s so powerful. As the play is so short, I don’t want to go into detail about all the little moments, but the play worked really well and the ending is lovely.


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