Tuesday, May 4, 2021

THE NEIGHBOURS (Penny Dreadfuls from the Moth Sanctuary)****


By Dave

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DTO8eDMYf8 

Available until: Unknown

The Neighbours is the third in Moth Sanctuary Productions’ series of Penny Dreadfuls, a set of spooky short stories written by Andrew Bate and Chloe Gorman. This is the first in the set that’s written by Chloe.

If you thought your neighbours were bad, they might seem quite human after you listen to this story.

A young woman moves to a new home, a flat situated above a mortician’s. She likes the quiet at first. She’s here to study and she’s glad she has no neighbours to bother her with their noise. The flat seems lonely but a nice place and she’s sitting down with her first cup of tea when she gets the first hint that her new home maybe isn’t everything it should be.

If she was hoping for quiet, she’s about to be disappointed. Or maybe not disappointed, exactly. She’s a bit too scared for disappointment and you can understand why.

Chloe has written a very atmospheric story. It’s eerie and disturbing and you never know what’s coming next. Chloe’s descriptions are great and it is so easy to imagine yourself where she is, hearing and seeing what she does. The general feeling of unease runs all the way through and every so often, Chloe throws a shock at you which gives you a real jolt. The writing is really compelling (and Chloe reads it very beautifully too) and you never know what’s coming next.

I also really loved the piano music used in this story. It captures the feeling of spookiness and isolation really well.

If you want a story to listen to on your own in the dark in the bath, this is maybe not the best choice but it really is a great story and well worth a listen. Just maybe get out of the bath first.

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