Monday, February 8, 2021

GARFIELD (The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati/Stream Theatre)***


By Lottie & Ricky


Available until: 14th February 2021 (on demand)


Lottie aged 6

It is Garfield’s birthday. It should be a happy day but it is Monday and Garfield hates Mondays. But it is even worse than that because all his friends have forgotten it is his birthday.

I think this story is sad because everyone forgets Garfield’s birthday and that makes him sad.

I really like all the singing and dancing. If I knew the songs I would want to sing them too.

I like the costumes. They look like the animal they are supposed to be but they all look different.

I think they are clever to find a story where everyone can wear a face covering and gloves and be safe.


Ricky aged 6

Garfield is a grumpy old cat he is funny

I like all the different characters

I like how they did the sets like there is a big pile of rubbish bags

They were very good at singing through the masks and you could still hear what they were saying

They can dance in the masks and they don’t suffocate or fall over

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