Wednesday, February 10, 2021

THOU SHALT NOT **** A TORY (Coronavirus Theatre Club)***


By Dave


Available until: Unknown

Content warning: Language, mature themes and politics. Lots of boring grown-up stuff.

At least with lockdown there’s a bit of time to talk first. Time to ask someone’s political leanings before you jump into bed with them. It probably helps.

The character in this monologue (who actually doesn’t look old enough to be doing anything with a Tory) is late for a meeting with a friend. She sits down and explains why. It’s a bit of a disaster really… but it’s funny.

It’s also like a throwback to 2019 before most of us knew what ‘COVID’ even meant. When disasters only seemed like a matter of life and death. When football really was much more important than that.

Writer Ayse Evans perfectly captures the language of Gen Z, their dramas and their priorities. Unlike a lot of monologues, this is an actual conversation. We don’t hear the replies but we can roughly guess what they’re likely to be and we can also guess that the substance of the replies probably doesn’t matter very much to the character. She wants an audience, not replies. There’s no need for us to hear replies which the character probably isn’t listening to anyway.

Director Becky Harrison has made the inspired choice to put it on Snapchat (is it Snapchat? Is that the right one? It was so much simpler on myspace) – it’s how young people communicate these days and it’s also realistic that this conversation would take place on some form of social media. Even pre-lockdown, a lot of stuff went on on the phone.

Alice Kerrigan does a great job of creating the character. The comedy is perfect – her character is being deadly serious and genuinely believes the situation is a complete disaster but there’s just enough exaggeration in it to make it funny.

It’s probably not good clean fun but I’d still say it’s fun.

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