Monday, February 1, 2021

PETER PAN (Chickenshed Theatre)****


By Lottie & Ricky


Available until: Unknown


Lottie aged 6

Mrs Darling sees Peter Pan in the house and when he flies away she traps his shadow in the window and cuts it off. The rest of Peter gets away but he wants his shadow back so he comes to the children’s bedroom and the adventure starts!

I like how they do the flying. It’s really clever.

I like the Second Star to the Right song.

There’s lots of good singing and dancing. The children are really good.

I like all the different colours the set goes.


Ricky aged 6

Mr Darling can’t tie his tie and he won’t take his medicine but he’s a grown up. So if Peter Pan grows up it’s okay because he doesn’t have to act like one!

Nana is a dog but she’s a human and she’s wearing a dress!

Tinker Bell is funny and I think she’s better as a person than as a ball of light because she can do faces

I like the moon! I think it’s the moon.

I like the crocodile burps

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