Saturday, February 20, 2021

MISERABLE AUNT BERTHA (New Perspectives)*****


By Lottie & Ricky


Available until: Unknown

By Lottie age 6

Bill goes to stay with Aunt Bertha but she is really grumpy. He tries to make her happy but nothing seems to work.

My favourite bit is the ducks and there were butterflies too! But you shouldn’t give ducks bread unless you’re writing a poem story and it makes a good rhyme. Ducks like bread but it makes them feel full so they can’t eat all their vegetables.

I think the drawings are really good.

Aunt Bertha is really grumpy but I still like her. I think that is important in a story.

I think the rhymes are really clever.

This is a really good story. It is funny and it is nice that Bill tries so hard.


By Ricky age 6

Aunt Bertha is funny! I bet I could make her smile.

I like how Bill gets to do fun things like climbing trees even when he’s trying to help

My favourite bit is when it sounds like Tim Crouch is going to say a rude word!

I like the music in the background and the way the picture shakes

Do you think Tim Crouch is Peter Crouch’s brother? There both funny

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