Monday, February 22, 2021

THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR (Nottingham Playhouse)*****


By Lottie & Ricky


Available until: Sunday 28th February


By Lottie age 6

There are lots of different stories. There’s one story where you see different animals and they’re all different colours. The next story is all about rubber ducks who go on adventures and there’s feathery ducks in it too! The next story is about how a farmer spends his day and you get to see his animals and gets ready for something very special. The next story is about the very hungry caterpillar and what he eats.

There are lots and lots of ducks in these stories and I love ducks!

An octopus! I like octopodes! That’s the right word. Megan told me. Octopuses is okay too but octopi is wrong.

The animals look like what they are supposed to be and they look beautiful.

I like the way the people tell the stories. They make it sound very exiting.

There are lots of props in lots of different colours

The butterfly is very beautiful!


By Ricky age 6

The stories are for little children but the play is for big children to because you get to see all the puppets and models

I like how they made the sea you can see the waves

The way they make the animals move is really good like the dolphin jumps and the ducks sort of bob and the caterpillar moves like a real caterpillar

It was funny when he nearly slammed the horse’s head in the door! But it wouldn’t have been funny if he had done it

There’s a naughty sheep that runs away! Being naughty is fun

I like how the caterpillar has all the bobbly bits on its body

It’s good when they say BUT HE WAS STILL HUNGRY!!! I say that sometimes after dinner

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