Sunday, February 7, 2021

GRIMMZ FAIRY TALES (Stream Theatre)****


By Alba


Available until: 31st March 2021

I’m much too old for normal fairy tales. I’m 9. Or maybe I’m not 9 yet but I will be. By the time you read this I might even be 10.

The Grimmz Fairy Tales have been written for people who are at least 8 so I don’t mind watching it. They do Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel in an hour. It’s a good length for a play because there’s less time to get bored.

Some of it is normal speaking and other bits are like a rap. The rhymes aren’t too stupid and it all makes sense and they keep in time. Lots of professional rappers don’t keep in time and its annoying. But this lot are ok. They can dance too.

There’s lots of clever stuff like the dwarves are done with different masks. Halloween masks not Covid masks. I like the way they done Cinderella’s sister. Hansel and Gretel has quite a good ending. Rapunzel is about how you should always be yourself and if anyone doesn’t like it they can get lost. I like that idea. I’m being myself when I’m messaging my friends in Zoom class and if my teacher don’t like it she can get lost.

Jay Grimmz and Will Grimmz tell the stories and sometimes they play characters too. They are good. I bet Imogen would date them. There are 3 girls too. All 5 of them are all good actors, rappers and dancers.

This is on demand which means its not live. They aren’t social distancing so I hope it’s an old play or maybe they are in a bubble. But if your not in a bubble remember social distancing is very important. You can save lives and that means you’re a superhero and you got the mask to prove it.

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