Monday, February 15, 2021

PONGO’S PARTY (Stream Theatre)****


By Lottie & Ricky


Available until: 31st March, 11.59pm


By Lottie age 6

This play is about lots of animals who live on Marty McDonald’s farm. It is Pongo the pig’s birthday and lots of people have bought him a present but they’re all pretending they’ve forgotten his birthday. Crafty the Crow sees all the nice presents for Pongo. He has never had a birthday present before and Pongo’s presents look so nice.

I love all the animals! They look cuddly!

Marty McDonald and Sally the Scarecrow are really good singers and dancers.

I like Sheena the Sheep. I like sheep. I have got very curly hair like a Merino.

Pretending to forget someone’s birthday makes a good story but I hope no one would ever do it in real life. It would make people really sad on their birthday. I think you should say Happy Birthday in the morning and tell them about the party and then they can look forward to it all day.


By Ricky age 6

I like the music and I know it all too

I like Crafty he is a bad crow but it is fun watching people being bad

It’s a bit weird how the audience tell tales about Crafty and it’s good. You can’t do that at school

It is a good story and I like all the people and the animals

Some people say I look like a scarecrow but that’s ok. I like being messy


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