Wednesday, February 17, 2021

THE MAGIC OF RED RIDING HOOD (Theatr Colwyn/Magic Light Productions)*****


 By Lottie & Ricky


Available until: Friday 26th March

By Lottie age 6

It is different from the usual story. Granny is the dame and she helps Red run a bakery but Mayor Mincemeat wants to knock it down and build a pie factory and the Big Bad Wolf wants to eat everyone.

It’s nice that when Red asked us all to shout out she was happy with the imaginary shouting and didn’t tell us it wasn’t very good and we should shout louder. Red is a really nice person.

The music is good. It makes me want to dance.

All the different parts were played by 2 people! They are so clever!

I think this might be my favourite pantomime this year and we have seen lots!


By Ricky age 6

The opening music is fun!

It’s different from the other story. Granny is a man and she isn’t ill in bed

I like Coco he is a naughty dog

I like the 2 baddies Mayor Mincemeat and the wolf

It was funny when Granny met the wolf in the woods

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